Getting Better Slowly
December 8, 2009, 4:11 pm
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It had been a real downer in terms of workout in the past 2 months or so as i have had almost negligible workout or prep for the marathon. All i can say is that i have been busy with meetings after meetings in the office and couldn’t care less about my prep.

One week prior to the run i did only 3 runs – a 5km, 7km and 11km. That was my prep to take on the big 42km. In fact i was quite reluctant to wake up that very morning to get on to the start line.

All i could tell myself was to be realistic and in my mind i was set to do a 6-6.5hr marathon. In 2006 i did it in 6:37 and couldn’t walk for a week and in 2008 i did it in 5:56 with lots of walking in the last 10km. Both ocassion are with little of no training effort, not that i’m proud of in the first place. Somehow this year i was expecting to repeat the same results given my condition.

Thanks to the forgiving weather and perhaps more experience in endurance sports in the past 12 months i managed to surprise myself. Basicall i started with a low expectation and wanted to minimise all walking and want to run throughout, these were my goals. Guess what, i did it in 5:16! Wanted to try sub 5hr but i’m still happy.

The first 10km took 1hr:11min and the 2nd 10km took 1hr:10min which was a negative split, so i told myself today may be a good day to do sub 5hr if i could keep pace and don’t blow in the next 21km. By the time it hit the 30km mark i was already slowing down to 1hr:15min and could feel my quads and hamstrings tightening and i decided to take a 5min break to massage with deepheat. *i was smarter this year cos i carried a small tube of deep heat around my running belt* It was also at this point when i noticed that i have already hit the wall.

Anyway i was well disciplined and carried on running when 5mins were up. The slight pain was there but manageable so i reset my goal to cross the line in 5:15. I pressed on within comfort and managed to pass several colleagues to give them the thumbs up, had another stop at 37km mark for another 5min deepheat treatment before giving all out to the finishing line.

5hr:16min, a PB for me. I think i can do better next time. I want to try 4:30 as my next goal. Once i can hit sub 4hr, its time to consider my dream to challenge the full ironman or the sundown ultra. Its a good dream. In the meantime i should think how to shave of the extra 1hr and 16min.

Cheers to all friends who did the run for any reasons they may have. Keep on running.

Event: Standard Charted Singapore Marathon 2009
Date: 6 dec 2009
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: 34113
Age Group: 25-29
POS: 572/1982
Results: 5h 16m 20s


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