Northface 25km 2012
October 18, 2012, 2:28 pm
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One of the event i always wanted to do and have done it. Was targeting 3.3hr and was 20min away. if the blisters did not turn up on the 7km point, i think 3.5hr is definitely doable. one lesson learned. also this is a first race with my latest supporter – my son, Ayden. He is comfortably wrapped up in the carrier.

Event: Northface 25km 2012
Date: 13 Oct 2012
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: 3320
Age Group: Men’s
POS: 464/650
Results: 3h 49m 53s


North Face 25km
June 11, 2012, 4:35 pm
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Thanks to some encouragement from a fellow colleague, I finally signed up for the north face run. Given my worse than ever fitness now I will begin with the 25km category. I will take this event more seriously in terms of my training towards event day.

The race day is 13 Oct so I have a good 4 months to get cracking. Based on condition I feel 4hrs will be fairly comfortable. Sub 3.5hrs will be my training target putting me at 8.4min/km. Bonus will be 3hrs or 7min/km. If I can do this then I will try out for 50km next year.

Let’s move along one step at a time. I like to do a full marathon again and then a half ironman again. Then ultimately move on to a full ironman and north face 100km.

Adelyn’s First 21km! Well Done
May 28, 2011, 12:00 am
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Well this is a real memorable event because Adelyn did her first 21km run!!! i remembered halfway into the run i started to feel hungry and cold. Adelyn was trying very hard to put each steps forward and i had to breakdown the run into smaller segment with a focal point to complete. In the end we ran across the finish line together.

Event: Sundown 21km
Date: 28 May 2011
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: C3656
Age Group: 30-34
POS: 558/729
Results: 3h 14m 37s

Getting Better Slowly
December 8, 2009, 4:11 pm
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It had been a real downer in terms of workout in the past 2 months or so as i have had almost negligible workout or prep for the marathon. All i can say is that i have been busy with meetings after meetings in the office and couldn’t care less about my prep.

One week prior to the run i did only 3 runs – a 5km, 7km and 11km. That was my prep to take on the big 42km. In fact i was quite reluctant to wake up that very morning to get on to the start line.

All i could tell myself was to be realistic and in my mind i was set to do a 6-6.5hr marathon. In 2006 i did it in 6:37 and couldn’t walk for a week and in 2008 i did it in 5:56 with lots of walking in the last 10km. Both ocassion are with little of no training effort, not that i’m proud of in the first place. Somehow this year i was expecting to repeat the same results given my condition.

Thanks to the forgiving weather and perhaps more experience in endurance sports in the past 12 months i managed to surprise myself. Basicall i started with a low expectation and wanted to minimise all walking and want to run throughout, these were my goals. Guess what, i did it in 5:16! Wanted to try sub 5hr but i’m still happy.

The first 10km took 1hr:11min and the 2nd 10km took 1hr:10min which was a negative split, so i told myself today may be a good day to do sub 5hr if i could keep pace and don’t blow in the next 21km. By the time it hit the 30km mark i was already slowing down to 1hr:15min and could feel my quads and hamstrings tightening and i decided to take a 5min break to massage with deepheat. *i was smarter this year cos i carried a small tube of deep heat around my running belt* It was also at this point when i noticed that i have already hit the wall.

Anyway i was well disciplined and carried on running when 5mins were up. The slight pain was there but manageable so i reset my goal to cross the line in 5:15. I pressed on within comfort and managed to pass several colleagues to give them the thumbs up, had another stop at 37km mark for another 5min deepheat treatment before giving all out to the finishing line.

5hr:16min, a PB for me. I think i can do better next time. I want to try 4:30 as my next goal. Once i can hit sub 4hr, its time to consider my dream to challenge the full ironman or the sundown ultra. Its a good dream. In the meantime i should think how to shave of the extra 1hr and 16min.

Cheers to all friends who did the run for any reasons they may have. Keep on running.

Event: Standard Charted Singapore Marathon 2009
Date: 6 dec 2009
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: 34113
Age Group: 25-29
POS: 572/1982
Results: 5h 16m 20s

Safra Singapore Bay Run 2009
August 20, 2009, 6:30 am
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The last time i participated in this was when i was still serving in the army in 2001 when it was only known as the Army Half Marathon. Whuff…that’s like a good 8 years and i could still do a sub 5min for each kilometer and i vaugely recalled my timing to be somewhere just over 90mins. Those were the days when i was still well under 60kg and could eat 3 big macs at one sitting.
The run on sunday was fantastic as this was the first event that KS, XL, A* & i all took part together. KS & i did the half marathon while KS & A* did the women 10K run. This was A*’s 3rd 10K event this year and i’m so proud of her. Don’t think she ever done more than 30K in her last
3 years – what an achievement. And she has another 10k event this december to go!
KS and i arrived at the start line almost 20mins after the gun went off for our event. It was a packed packed packed run even for the half marathon. Throughout the first 12k or so i had to swerve in an out to overtake the back packers which was vey disruptive to reach my pacing.
During Desaru HIM earlier this month i did 21k in 2h28min, so i though without swim and bike i should easily do a sub 2hour run. So that was my goal that morning and this will be a gauge for me to know if i could do a sub 4hour 42k in december.
The first 10k took me around 57min which was well within my plan to hit sub 2hr. so i thought to myself “good pace and keep it up”. I must say i was quite ill prepared on the nutrition part as i brough along 1 x gul gel for this run which i consumed at the 10k point. From 10-15km i was doing fine and the pacing was being maintained as planned. When i reach the 15km mark i hit the wall and i know i needed to get another boost of gul gel if i wanted to maintain the energy to go on. Unfortunately, i had to go on without the extra boost. So the rest of the 6km was purely mental and i kept asking myself to try not to slow down and along the way i decided to skip a couple of the aid stations to reduce my time loss.
Actually i was expecting some sort of fueling from the organiser but nothing was seen in the form of gels or fruits. It was only until the 18k mark then bananas were given out which i thought was abit too late into the run to have any positive effect, probably the energy from the bananas will kick in only after the 21k mark which makes no sense to consume in the first place. What a disappointment, really.
Nevertheless, i manages to clear the 20k mark at 2hr01min according to my timex and finally crossed the finishling line at 2hr07min. Well this was quite acceptable for me i though having done a close 6min/km pace, which coincidentally was the pace i have been training for the whole of this year for the run leg i my events.
Overall, aid stations were well dotted at every 2k which i thought was quite well done. The route is great and challenging especially on the Sheares bridge (where the run got its name). The support and entertainment planted enroute was great (thanks to the volunteers, great job). On the negative side, i felt the race was too crowded and made it tough for people who want to enjoy a good race. The lack of proper fueling was abit disappointing from my point of view, and the T-shirt provided looks really ugly this year. Honestly, i won’t pay for this event again the next time round.
Event: Safra Singapore Bay Run (21km Run)
Date: 16st Aug 2009
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: 4731
Age Group: 21k men’s open
Results: 2h 07min 05
Position: 940/4676
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Desaru Tri – Toughest i Had
August 2, 2009, 1:30 am
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Drove up over the weekend to Desaru with my buddies for tri event. This is my 2nd 70.3 equivalent distance i had done since september 2008 Aviva 70.3.

The venue is nice and relaxing and the whole event was very casual. It almost seemed like a backyard event organised by the local tribesmen. The atmosphere was great and fun especially from the jovial commentary from the mc at the beginning of the swim start.

However, the course was not as easy as expected. The sea was extremely choppy with huge waves and i had huge mouthfuls of the seawater which was saltier than singapore’s. Although we were told that the swim course was way bit shorter than 2k and i reckoned its about 1.6km given my timing.

The 90km bike leg was the killer for me. There were several climbs that were long and moderately steep which was not helpful for me as i’m not a strong climber myself. Of course what goes up must come down so there were a few really fast descend over 50km/h for me.

I felt real punctured before i could transit to my run due to the over exertion on the hills during the bike leg. First sign of cramps on both my thight set in just as i stepped out of T2 for my run and i could barely run comfortably and this went on for the next 6-7km of so. The thought of giving up was so close and i was devicing ways on how i could just end it with a DNF. What kept me going was the finisher medal which i wanted and knowing that my no.1 supporter is waiting for me at the end. So i coaxed myself into believing i could do it and psyched my mental up. And from 8km point onwards i had a surge of determination and i went on a much quicker pace that was close to what i had trained for.

Well the ending was sweet and i had a real sense of achievement which was tremendous. Once again i confirmed my belief – anything is possible. Despite the happy faces and relaxed demeanors, many of the participants are here to set their PB. So many ladies were fast like hell and finished way before me. haha. Better train harder for my next race.

Here are the preliminary results i got from my own timex. Not sure if we are going to get any official results or even certificate since we are not chipped during the event. I’m quite satisfied with my own timing giving the prep i had. But definitely could improve abit more on my bike and alot more on my run.

Event: Desaru Long Distance Triathlon (2km Swim-90km Bike-21km Run)

Date: 1st Aug 2009

Venue: Desaru

Bib No: 168

Age Group: 25-29

POS: 57/69


Swim split – 39:00min

T1 – 4:42min

Bike split – 3:18:24min

T2 – 4:02min

Run split – 2:29:55min

Combined – 6hr 36min 05sec

Tribob Sprint Series 3 – Sprint
April 20, 2009, 9:41 am
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This is my first 3 discipline event this year! what a slow start compared to last year! But i coudn’t handle anything further or longer given my current flabbiness. lol. This race is really relax cos i reach there almost 8am and still got time to dilly dally. And until 9am then i see the first wave charging into the shoreline. Honestly my buddy and i didn’t quite know what was going on and did not know how many waves there were until we saw all the remant mens of all shapes and sizes began to line up at the start line; then we realised we have got to go. And yes we were in the “Men’s Fun” wave!

The swim was surprisingly short for me as i did it well under 16min (out from water) which i quite doubted. After the race i checked with my buddy he also felt the swim course was a little under 750m, we suspected this was due to low tide. Well it’s PB anyway. haha. I just sold my very good BLUE bike (bye) the day before the race and and to scramble to loan an oversized hybrid bike with braided wheels to do my bike leg – painful. I knew i was going really hard on the pedals and still not moving fast like i wanted to. Well at least i got a bike to do the race i thought to myself and instantly felt grateful to my bro Tim who so generously lent me his ride. Oh when it came to the run my first 1000m was lik super slow (over 7min) and i thought to myself i better push harder or else my target of 90min would be blown. Unfortunately, my powergel boost came only at the 2km mark and i finished my last 3km with a decent over 5min/km.

Overall, i felt good as i was close to my target and i actually rewarded myself with a KFC family feast the evening before the race! hahaha. Kudos to Tri-Bob for the well organised series! Ready to sign up for next race.

Event: Tribob Sprint Series 3 – Sprint (750m Swim-20km Bike-5km Run)

Date: 19th April 2009

Venue: Changi Ferry Terminal

Bib No: 2

Age Group: 25-29

POS: 58/108


Swim split – 17:42min

T1 – 2:01min

Bike split – 40:17min

T2 – 1:29min

Run split – 31:26min

Combined – 1hr 32min 55sec