How to Loose 4KG in 8 Weeks Healthily?
October 14, 2008, 3:41 am
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Before i begin to shed some pounds i need to know a few thing. I hope this will be useful for those who like to maintain a healthy BMI by reducing some weight in a healthy way.

1) My Calorie Needs (BMR) or Basal Metabolic Rate. You daily calorie burned by just being alive and go about doing your daily work. I used this link to calculate my BMR
Just keyed in my height, weight, age & gender i get my BMR = 1,685.92.

2) My Output or Calorie Burnt. Since i’m embarking on my marathon this december, run training will be primarily workouts for the next 2 months. I can simply calculate my calorie burned easily with this formula.

Calorie Burnt = M x Time x Weight. its a very simple forumla, where by M = the coefficient for run at certain pace; Time = workout duration; Weight = my weight in KG during time of workout. e.g Carlorie Burnt for a 10km run at 6min/km pace = 0.183 x 60min x 71 = 779.58 calories

For triathlete, you can also see the different coefficients (M) for Bike & Swim or even Run at different pace/intensities. Here are the 3 coefficients i can use based on my current fitness.

Swim = 0.133 (Freestyle at moderate pace)
Run = 0.183 (5.35min/km pace)
Bike = 0.200 (25.6 km/h to 30.4 km/h speed)

You can see more details from this link

3) Know How Much Weight i Want to Loose. Many website will tell you that for a duration of 7 days, when you reduce about 500 calories per day you can loose about 1 pound (0.45kg)[preferably 250 cal from less food intake & 250 cal from increased workout] But the guidelines says the calorie reduction should be no more than 15-20% of your total daily calorie consumption, with or without workouts. This is the link

Total Calorie Need (for a normal day with 10km run) = 1,685.92. + 779.58 = 2,465.5 calorie
If i do this for 7days with 20% less calorie intake = 2,465.5 x (1-20%) = 1,972.4 calorie. I should be able to loose 1 pound per week. Meaning, i should be at 67kg in 8 weeks time by doing 10km run daily with a intake no more than 1,9724 calorie.

4) How Calories Look Like. Probably it would be useful to know what i can eat on a daily basis. This is one of the many links you can find online So give it a try and see how calories look like for you.

I’m Unhealthy According to BMI
October 14, 2008, 3:28 am
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Based on my current weight & height i have moderate risk of contracting heart disease & diabetes. Try to calculate your level of risk at this link

Weight = 71kg
Height = 1.71m
BMI = 24.3

So its time i do some weight reduction program. And to be in the healthy range again i need to have a BMI of 22.9 (healthy range BMI is within 18.5-22.9).

Since i am unlikely to grow in height anymore in order to change the index (i’m already 28 this year), i reckoned the only choice is to reduce my weight. Duh!

I threw in the numbers again and in order to achieve the bare minimum BMI of 22.9, i need to weigh 67kg on the scale. So that’s 4kg for me to loose. Next i will discuss about BMR and my plan.