A New Jorney Begins…
April 18, 2013, 3:52 pm
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Ironman_logo“Anything is Possible”, the moniker, mantra or tagline for the ironman brand. call it brilliant marketing or what not, it is indeed this spirit of perseverance that keeps regular people like us (less pro triathletes) coming back for more each time. Either trying to out do their personal best timings or to arrive a the ultimate prize – Kona, Hawaii. Well, whatever it is, i will try to be a Kona one day to say aloha to the infamous long course triathlon. Hopefully as an ironman than a spectator.


Poof!!! Back Blogging
October 23, 2011, 2:51 pm
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has been quite a while since i have blgged. so many things happened since the last time i blogged. below are just a few.

  • got married
  • bought my first home
  • went to europe

perhaps this i will pen down a few more details about each of them.

New Season – 2010
December 9, 2009, 11:08 am
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The Singapore marathon always marks the end of each sporting season for me and i like to take an introspective view to close this chapter.

2009 went by just like that and it was really fast. Its the second year since i have started to dabble with triathlon and had alot of fun. In 2009 i have done the following events:

  1. Tribob Aquathlon
  2. Tribob Duathlon
  3. Tribob Sprint
  4. Desaru Long Distance Tri (70.3)
  5. Singapore Bay Run (21k)
  6. Trifactor (OD)
  7. Quadthlon (Sprint)
  8. Standchart Marathon (42k)

This year was packed with events to the neck for me. All i can say that is i was lazy and couldn’t see myself through most trainings and my results were mediocre. Let’s just take it as a warm up to know the sports better as well as knowing how much my body can take. ironman will remain as a dream in 2010 as i will need more focus if i want to complete it comfortably, lets see if my 2010 achievements can act as a step up to doing ironman langkawi or New Zealand in early 2011.

In 2010 season i like to be focused on my choice of events with 2011 ironman preparation as a goal in mind. I intend to go for longer distances to get my body tuned up. Here is my tentative idea:

  1. Mar : Aviva 70.3 (tgt 5h30min) = simply too expensive
  2. May: Sundown 42k (tgt 4h30m) 
  3. Aug : Desaru Long Distance Tri 70.3 (tgt 5h30m)
  4. Oct : Safra Quadthlon (tgt 2h) or Northface
  5. Dec : Standchart 42k (tgt 4h)
  6. Feb/Mar 2011 : Ironman Langkawi/NZ (12h)

November 22, 2009, 12:39 pm
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Hi effective from today i have migrated from http://www.mytriathlonlog.blogspot.com to shawntay.wordpress.com.

i will now blog on photography and diving on top of triathlon now to make this blog more interesting and varied. i hope you like it.

i hope you continue to find my blog fun to read.

Nice Bike Blog
July 24, 2009, 10:27 am
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For those who are into beautiful bikes i have a site to recommend. Lots of good quality bike pics to inspire you for your next ride. Enjoy the blink blink http://blinkbikes.blogspot.com/. Above image courtesy of blinkbikes.blospot.com

personally i have started to take a strong interest in singlespeed & vintage frame. Thinking of starting a project soon to built my own for casual riding with my gal.

Balancing Work
July 20, 2009, 10:40 am
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sometimes i just wonder why i’m always so eager and enthusiatic to sign up for the events that i do.

a) to motivate myself to keep fit
b) for a sense of achievement
c) to distract myself from work
d) to simply have fun and take life less seriously

i have this regular cycle that i experience, what about you? i get this adrenalin rush whenever i click on the payment icon whilst registering myself for a race (fun!!). then i talk my good buddy (KS) into doing the same. in the next 1-2 weeks i will be planning out my training schedule and print it out and place it in my room (fun!!). i would follow through the program for the initial 2 weeks and think about what gears and stuff i need to buy for race day (fun!!). Next 4-8 weeks my motivation will wane and i start missing traning and make exceptions for my fat free diet plans. Then i will start to feel miserable and not want to do anything about it. 2 weeks leading to the event, i will suddenly ‘wake up’ and begin my panic training regime.

this is a really funny photo i got from the web. You can view the photo on the blog link here http://www.virgintriathlete.com/my_first_triathlon/2008/09/working-training-either-way-safety-first.html
Lately work has been the reason for my laziness. I must say balancing work and training is a tough act to begin with. its even more difficult if we want to clock a respectable time which demands consistency. recently i have been working longer hours in offices due to work seasonality which gave me good excuses to skip workouts. the added travel required from my work also made it less easy.

i’m quite sure i’m going to say to myself – “why didn’t i swim more, bike more or run more before the event”. Do such thoughts flash across your mind during your race day too? hmmm…i wonder am i the only one.

So if you ever recognise me or happen to see me riding or running next to you during an event, tell me that you do to make me feel normal.

May 26, 2009, 5:48 am
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I’m sure everyone has their own dreams to pursue and desires to satisfy. If you google the similar, you will find a host of people sharing their wishlist or dreams. And now i have my top 10 here to share. If you have you own list, perhaps you can share them in the comments. If you have anything similar to mine and have yet to accomplish them and will like to make a proposal for adventure, email me.

  1. Scuba diving at the great barrier reef
  2. Do norseman
  3. Rock climbing at ramanagaram rocks, karnataka in india
  4. Do xterra malaysia
  5. Bungee jumping off contra dam, ticino in switzerland
  6. Climb mt kilimanjaro
  7. See the northen lights in Alaska or Norway
  8. White water rafting through grand canyon along colorado river
  9. Sail across a great ocean, north & south pacific, north & south atlantic, artic or Indian
  10. Do tiberias marathon