Nothing Beats a Good Read
September 7, 2009, 1:22 pm
Filed under: read
Popped by the library recently and got interested at one of the titles in the endurance sports section. Was browsing for some books on endurance training and i ended up finding a biography of Ray Zahab.

If you think 42K is a long distance for run or ironman is tough, this book very book will make you think again. It’ll blow your mind into pieces.

This book talks about one man’s humble journey in ultra distance running and adventure racing. Here you will find vivid recollections of famous ultra events like marathon de sables, badwater and some less known but equally tough events like trans333 or amazon race.

You should be able to complete reading this book in a couple of seatings and trust me its a page turner if you like adventures. My next goal after reading this book is next year’s adidas sundown ultramarathon – haha.