Prep Begins Now – Building Base
May 30, 2009, 2:35 am
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While i am still trying to get my buddy to sign up for Ironman NZ in March next year, i think its about time that my training begins. Latest news is that he is keen to do the event with me, i’ll just KIV.

This is going to be my event plan leading up the the A-race.

12 Jul 09: Port Dickson OD
1 Aug 09: Desaru HIM
16 Aug 09: AHM
11 Oct 09: Safra Quadthlon
Dec 09: Standchart marathon
Jan 10: ??
Feb 10: ??
Mar 10: Ironman NZ

My first pit stop will be Desaru and i have slightly over 60 days to train for it.

my plan will be as follows:
-first 35 days build base (build up till 2km swim, 90km bike & 21km run)
-next 21days will be speedworks, bricks, longer distances, test nutrition.
-last 7days will be tapering

ok that’s all i can think of so far, will refine the plan and share later.


Botanic Gardens Run
May 2, 2009, 3:16 am
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Did the botanical garden route today with A*. Total distance covered was 5km. The terrain was mostly flat except in the middle 2.5km point there was a gentle climb. Overall it was a good route to train on. I did it in 25mins with an average heart rate of 90%. Next aim is to do sub 24min. BTW, A* completed the whole 5km run own her own in under 43min which is remarkable improvement. Yay.

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My Usual Route
May 1, 2009, 6:10 am
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this is another ran route i do frequently which is flat and easy and cover 5km. I did this with A* the other day and she was putting in huge effort and managed to run non stop for 3km for 26 mins. well done! Then we did some easy walking for the rest of the route and completed in 45mins.

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Mount Faber Run
May 1, 2009, 5:35 am
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went down to mount faber this morning for the first time to do my run. have driven up countless times on my car but today was the first time i went up on foot. So i took it easy and did a comfortable 5km up and down in total. Total time taken was 30:14 with an average heart rate of 163 (85%).

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Training Day 2 (21 dec Sunday)
December 22, 2008, 2:16 am
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Today is sunday and was supposed to be my lazy day like it had been for the pass weeks. Since i have already started my regime yesterday i intend to keep to it as long as my mind and body allow.

It was suppose to be a 800m swim for me. However, by the time i got to the pool (4pm) it was packed with people. As if the whole of sengkang residents are here. Furthermore, the main pool was cordoned off for some traning and only like 2 lanes were left for the public – how ridiculous. So i decided to do a short bike ride instead since i like to keep my tranining going.

Did a 16km short ride (39min) under the hot sun. Short it may be but the intensity was high as the route was pretty hilly espcially wheni made the u-turn on the way back. I rode out from my place and hit yck road towards causuarina; made a left towards town along thomson road; made another left towards amk just before bishan park; then made a quick left turn to hit the steep ride up shangri-la estate before making my way back to yck road in the opposite direction. Another plus is i got a nice tan due to the strong evening sun and my tri-top print is visible again.

Tml is monday and will be my dedicated recovery day. Hope the coming christmas week will be an easy one on my tummy.

Back to Training – Day 1 (20 Dec Saturday)
December 20, 2008, 3:00 pm
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I guess its time to start planning for 2009 events. My ‘A’ race should most likely be Aviva 70.3 on 22 march. So i got down to my laptop and created some excel table with training schedule on it. And it felt really motivating to put my 12 weeks plans down in black and white – you know what i mean. And yes, i went out today start my program leading to the race day.

Day 1
i started easy with a 25km bike (1hr) in the morning. Doing my usual route from home via jln kayu to yishun dam to mandai road and made a u-turn.

later in the evening i did a 6km run (44min) along ecp. started from fort road to mac and back.

Getting Started
November 16, 2008, 6:54 am
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I have decided that its time to begin my training for 22 March 2009 Aviva 70.3.

will now embark on a 20 week program. But i’m onlyleft with 18 weeks to go starting from the comin monday.

today i have already done a 25km ride in 1hr 10min. will be heading fo a 7km run later in the evening followed by a 600m swim to get things started. give me luck. cheerios