A Home to Call Our Own
October 23, 2011, 3:45 pm
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Our search began officially in march 2010 when housing prices are on its way to set record levels. In many people’s eyes, it was a pretty bad time for house hunting.

Due to the sky rocketing prices, we have to make sure we must be able to afford what we buy. The worst phenomenon during this period was the exorbitant cash-over-valuation (cash top up) demanded by almost every sellers. Since demand easily outstripped supply, many buyer had to swallow these “pills”.

The house viewing lasted for 6 months before we found what we could afford. By then the prices continues to climb steadily.(even today after more than a year since we bought our home, prices are still on the rise)

Renovation was the next natural step for us to take. It was really fun to be able to create your very own home with all your imaginations. I was under quite a lot of minimalist influence from blogs I read, places I’d visited and products I admire – apple. In the end, we agreed to keep it pure and simple. I have to confess that we had a limited budget to work within so minimalist is the way to go.

We were so tight on finances while building our home that we had to calculate to the cents for every purchases. We had to look for the best bargains whenever we can. I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that we had to find cheap steals from craiglist.

Though it may not be easy at times, but I feel it is through such periods that we learn to appreciate and enjoy. I love the first home I built with my wife.

Below are some photos taken from our home.


i’m a finisher of 42.195km
January 9, 2007, 4:55 pm
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You set a goal to run and you shall complete the race. This was how i concluded my first every 42.195km Marathon. Crossing the line at 6:37:55 was very emotional. Never did i thought i would tear while doing sports. It wasn’t my first attempt to run long distances but i couldn’t deny that tears came welling in my eyes as i approached the finishing line. Though the timing is nothing to shout about but the effort was commendable. I must say i’m really proud of my achievement that day – 3rd Dec 2006. It was just an innocent thought which was accomplished nevertheless. The first 15km was smooth and effortless but lactic acid set in just when i crossed the 16km mark. This was also the point when i was faced with the decision to continue the race or simply give up by doing just a half marathon. Something inside me battled my conscious mind and overwhelmed all my logic and senses, and so i pressed onto the rest of the race. Mind oh mind did i regret that decision. I was almost in pain when i came to the half way mark. Must i say more? The pain was excruciating when i suffered uncontrollable cramps in both my thighs. Man it was real painful but i’m loving every moment of it. I must say that the last 10km was fought with sheer determination and “mind over body” chants. But sweetness never tasted better when i completed 1,106th out of 1,250 male runners within my race division. Have i trained for it you might be asking me. The answer is NO! Will i train the next time? Yes, better do it or i’ll be sorry again. Here are some pics of me enjoying the pain!!! Shiok Ah!!