A Home to Call Our Own
October 23, 2011, 3:45 pm
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Our search began officially in march 2010 when housing prices are on its way to set record levels. In many people’s eyes, it was a pretty bad time for house hunting.

Due to the sky rocketing prices, we have to make sure we must be able to afford what we buy. The worst phenomenon during this period was the exorbitant cash-over-valuation (cash top up) demanded by almost every sellers. Since demand easily outstripped supply, many buyer had to swallow these “pills”.

The house viewing lasted for 6 months before we found what we could afford. By then the prices continues to climb steadily.(even today after more than a year since we bought our home, prices are still on the rise)

Renovation was the next natural step for us to take. It was really fun to be able to create your very own home with all your imaginations. I was under quite a lot of minimalist influence from blogs I read, places I’d visited and products I admire – apple. In the end, we agreed to keep it pure and simple. I have to confess that we had a limited budget to work within so minimalist is the way to go.

We were so tight on finances while building our home that we had to calculate to the cents for every purchases. We had to look for the best bargains whenever we can. I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that we had to find cheap steals from craiglist.

Though it may not be easy at times, but I feel it is through such periods that we learn to appreciate and enjoy. I love the first home I built with my wife.

Below are some photos taken from our home.


Poof!!! Back Blogging
October 23, 2011, 2:51 pm
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has been quite a while since i have blgged. so many things happened since the last time i blogged. below are just a few.

  • got married
  • bought my first home
  • went to europe

perhaps this i will pen down a few more details about each of them.

Adelyn’s First 21km! Well Done
May 28, 2011, 12:00 am
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Well this is a real memorable event because Adelyn did her first 21km run!!! i remembered halfway into the run i started to feel hungry and cold. Adelyn was trying very hard to put each steps forward and i had to breakdown the run into smaller segment with a focal point to complete. In the end we ran across the finish line together.

Event: Sundown 21km
Date: 28 May 2011
Venue: Singapore
Bib No: C3656
Age Group: 30-34
POS: 558/729
Results: 3h 14m 37s

Diving @ Pulau Hantu (malay) – Ghost Island, Singapore
January 31, 2010, 8:22 pm
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Today is the first time i dived in our local singapore water and i gotten some pictures back to share. This trip was with a local eco group called Hantu Blog who somewhat can be considered as defender of our local reefs. Its made up with a bunch of volunteers whom wanted to make a difference to our vanishing reefs. So its a non-profit group and i felt i’m contributing to their noble cause when i dived with them. Of course there are several other dive operators that organises trips to the same area. 
We met 930am on a sunday at the Singapore Yacht Club where the bum boat bring us out to the island which in just under 40mins. Enroute to the first of our two dives, we went past a different side of Singapore unless you work on jurong or bukom island. The sight was quite picturesque in a differnt way as you enjoy industrial structures and massive container ships. And before i know it we have arrive at the island which looked really clean and lushed from our boat – possble camping ground for a weekend getaway.

Refinery at Bukom Island

 I was quite excited when i was rigging up my gears as i was expectant for an adventure. I’m keen to know who lurks in our singapore waters. After getting in to the calm water we started to descend and immediately i noticed the visibility is super low. I could hadly make out anything beyond 2-3m but things started to change when you get really close to the sea bed. With a keen eyes and much effort you will begin to see wonderful creatures waiting to welcome you. Look at what i saw in the few photos i took from my first trip.

The water beneath southern jetty - 5m


Ceratosoma Nudibranch



My New Trainer – New Balance 758
January 4, 2010, 10:12 pm
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New Balance 758

Did my last marathon on my lightweight Saucony Type A2, felt pretty good despite the minimalist style.

This year is going to be a year for running for me. I like to focus on my run ability and develop it as my core strength. At the same time to keep things real simple so that i can focus and improve.

This would mean running more and running longer. And this also means getting a really good pair of trainer to go long on the road. And i have chosen the New Balance 758 for its fit, build and value (S$118).

This is a cushioning shoe made for the those high arch or neutral runner needing good cushioning. It comes in 3 colors and i chosed the silver/orange which looked the most valuable and cool. The other 2 colors were silver/black and silver/dark blue which came across as dull and uninspiring. I was comparing this with the lower end cushioning model 738 (S$95) and 662 (S$81) where the prices are really quite attractive plus the design and colors are not too bad themselve which ought to cause some dilemmas. But the true value of 758 shows when i put them under my feet, where i can instantly feel the plusher cushioning – namely Abzorb. Next i will run with it later today to update on the overall performance and feel.

My Trail Runner
January 1, 2010, 10:54 pm
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Trail Running Shoes - Brooks Cascadia 4

Am planning to go more often to the trails to train. So got myself a pair of trail runner yesterday from Sportslink at Queensway shopping center. Retails for S$139 and i got it for S$99 which is a decent price for a well made shoe.

Tested it out for a easy 8km run at macritchie on the last day of 2009. I’m a neutral and was used to lighter shoes for my road runs. At first the shoes felt bulky to me plus i could feel the thick cushion down under. During the run its cushioning felt superb as i could feel that every step i took was absorbing all the roughness presented by the trails. Gravel, rocks, trunks, uphills and downhills was not a problem, even when i was on the occasion hard surfaces i handled well like my accustomed road shoes. The only downside i experienced was that when i was on wet tarmac, it fel slippery on front. Not sure if this was because the shoes are still new and needed some breaking in first for the sole for it to have a better grip.

Overall the fit was great so far for the 8km i did, not sure if its gonna hold up for longer distances.

“Carb Boom!” not Ka Boomz (Energy Gel)
December 30, 2009, 9:41 pm
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"Carb Boom!" fuel range

A follow up from my visit to Moov Sports where i got my fuel belt and an alternative sports fuel brand. We are familiar to Power Gel, Gu Gel and Clif Shot which are commonly found in most retailers. But have you heard about Boom! ? I bet its not that common.

The photo above shows a Grape Pomegranate flavour 984ml bottle that serves up to 24 standard packets (eco-friendly refill pack, i like), my 6 oz gel flash, Watermelon flavor 41ml single pack and Wild Berry 30g energy chews. Doesn’t the flavors sounds yummy and exciting to you already? The real benefit of the large bottle was cost savings cost it brings down to under S$2 per serving (24 serving per bottle)  as the whole bottle cost in the mid S$40 plus you get to do your bit for the environment.

So far i have tried a free single pack, courtesy of Yong (the guy at Moov Sports), for my run and my body took it quite well. In fact i just came back from my run and it not showing any upset or adverse reaction yet. So it passed my body acceptance test. What about the taste you may ask. The one i have taken was Grapefuit Cranberry which tasted like jam to me (sweet!) and it was a little bitter in the aftertaste due to the grapefruit but i like it cos i’m a grapefruit lover.

I really appreciate that there are so many fun and wild flavors to brigthen up my run.